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Present to: Investment banks, corporate finance firms, business brokers, M&A intermediaries

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The objective of this Service:

An agency pitch deck is created to depict the validity of a business idea in front of an investor. It is an initial sales pitch to get the investor interested so that funding negotiations can be taken forward.

What is a Pitch Deck?

It is a deck of slides or a PowerPoint Presentation that outlines the fundamentals of a creative agency in brief. It is created to generate interest among investors or venture capitalists for securing funding for a creative startup agency.
In most cases, the design agency pitch deck would spell out the fundamentals of the creative startup. The primary focus of the creative agency pitch deck is to take the conversation forward into the next round of funding as funding for creative startups gets finalized in multiple stages.

Essential Components of “Investor Pitch Deck” for a Creative Agency

Now that we get an inkling of the advertising agency pitch deck, let’s turn our focus to understanding the critical components for a pitch deck meant for creative agency, here it is:

  • Founder(s): The pitch deck must enlist the “brain-child” behind the venture. It could be a single person or a bunch of founders that came together to create the start-up. In brief, the pitch deck must throw light on their background and relevant experience in the creative field. This goes a long way in soothing the nerves of investors.
  • Team Structure: It is extremely critical that the creative minds behind the startup are disclosed upfront. With most of the creative output of the startup flowing from the in-house team, the team must get introduced to the investors within the pitch deck first hand. This helps the investors get an idea of the “brain trust” behind the creative venture.
  • Case Studies/ Previous Projects: The entrepreneur(s) must be able to showcase their past work and their past client associations. This will give them insight into the range of work and would give clear ideas on the scope of work that can be handled by the creative agency. This has a lot to do with the scope for good revenue.
  • Target Market: The pitch deck needs to be able to clearly articulate the kind of market and industries they are focused upon. These could be big enterprises or mid-tier firms or small businesses. It can help delineate the kind of roadmap the creative agency has envisioned for itself.
  • Brand Positioning: This is the kind of tone and vibe for which the agency will be known for. It could be fun, hip, or plainly “corporate.” This depends on the kind of clients they want to attract and work with.
  • Burn Rate: The creative startup will definitely go through a phase where they are going to be only spending cash without returns. The pitch deck needs to enumerate this critical phase and needs to remain open about their requirements and overheads. The narrower the “burn rate window” the better it is for the startup.
  • Revenue Model: This would have to do with the kind of pricing the founders envision for their agency. Depending on the clients – they could have fixed-rate or could have dynamic pricing based on the scope of the project. Overall, it should be able to spell out a clear strategy to mope up good revenue in a small period.

Why is DFX the best partner to develop a Creative Agency Pitch Deck?

DFX is known as the leading creative agency pitch deck consultant with the pedigree of having helped multiple creative startups with sleek pitch decks. We have technical experts by our side, who understand the finer nuances of pitch creation and development. So far, creative startups helped by DFX have always been able to make a positive impression on the target audience. Overall, we can assure you of improving the chances to secure funding for your creative startup.

Service Inclusion

Investor Pitch Deck

  • Industry problem Highlights (i.e. Problem Statement)
  • Secondary research (Market size, customer segment, and other demographics)
  • Explaining solution which is simple to understand and it can be correlated with problem.
  • Solution in terms of product or service which is addressing the problem.
  • Value proposition and highlighting key features.


  • Competitive advantage – Quadrant axis map
  • Other players in the market Segment of Competition
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Strategy differentiators
  • Scope within the funding projection


  • Team behind the project
  • Important phases of your venture journey (past, present and future), which may also include details about Proof of concept, existing customer testimonials (if available), etc

Information Memorandum

  • Describing the Company
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Describing the products, moat and execution strategy
  • SWOT analysis


  • Describing the team, principles and culture
  • Highlighting their relevant achievements in professional, educational, and social space
  • Mention founders and core team – all important teams managing major functions in the company


  • Competition & market share analysis,
  • Volumes and margins growth,
  • Profit & Loss statement, Cash Flow statement,


  • Business Valuation Strategy
  • Income Based (DCF Approach)
  • Net Asset Based Approach (Income Tax v/s Market Depreciation Methods)
  • Market Based (Recent Deals Comparison & Listed Deals Comparison)


  • Investor rights and duties
  • Terms of payment
  • Details of ownership transfer
  • Investor exit clause
  • Agreement Termination clause

Overall Duration

25 – 45 days.


Can I approach investors with this Creative Agency Pitch Deck?
Yes, you can approach investors with this Creative Agency Pitch Deck.
You can also prepare your Business Plan based upon the Pitch Deck. If you need help to write your “Business Plan”, then refer our services related to “Business Plan” development.
Who shall be my advisor?
Your advisor will be chosen from amongst our finance experts having years of practical, grassroots industry experience and knowledge behind them. Our internal allocation system also ensures that the advisor assigned to you is ideally suited for the knowledge transfer, keeping your business needs at the forefront. In case you are not comfortable with your advisor at any point in time, we will immediately address your concern. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced finance experts on-board, all of whom have been carefully selected through a stringent evaluation process & trained as per international standards.
How do I make the payment?
You can make the payment online through bank transfer and digital wallets. Our team shall guide you with the payment procedures.
Can I cancel after paying for the service?
Until the initial 01 session or 60 minutes of advisory sessions are completed (whichever is earlier), you can cancel the services at any time. We assure 100% money back into your original payment account within 72 working hours of your cancellation. Please note that few banks may take longer but from our side, it shall be processed and proofs shall be submitted.
Is this relevant to my country, city or location?
Every city/country presents their own set of business scenarios and challenges. Our finance experts shall understand your business constraints and accordingly design solutions specially crafted to suit your business requirements.
How can I avail this service?
We have a 3-Step process to get started:
Step 01 – Request for Quote
Step 02 – Service Quote Finalization along with SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Step 03 – DFX Experts start working on your business
Will the consulting be conducted online, or will it be classroom-based? What will be the duration?
The entire consulting shall be conducted online keeping in mind the ‘new normal’. The total duration shall be defined in the proposal. In case you want to speed up the process, you can always pre-schedule your dates of consultation with our expert.
This service shall be conducted in which language?
The consulting sessions shall be conducted in English. If you wish to have a translator in the sessions then additional charges shall be applicable, at actual.
Will there be a live one-on-one interaction with the expert or it shall be a pre-recorded video session?
The entire consulting will be a live one-on-one interaction with DFX experts.
Is this a one-on-one (personalised) or a Group Consulting?
This is a personalized one-on-one online consulting, in which you will be interacting ‘LIVE’ with DFX experts.

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